Nitty Gritty Science

Hi, I’m Dr. Erica Colón

Hi, I’m Dr. Erica Colón, the curriculum designer for Nitty Gritty Science. In 2010, I earned my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Hawaii and am a National Board Certified Teacher. I have 12 years of secondary science classroom experience and 4 years at the university level, teaching pre-service science teachers.

Being a proud Navy wife, I’ve had the opportunity to teach in six different states and have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing teachers. One common problem everywhere I taught was that my science team members and I always had the same struggle – finding quality resources that not only kept students actively engaged, but also met the standards expected of a rigorous secondary science program.

In 2012, I started Nitty Gritty Science as a way to share my passion of teaching and provide the solution. I currently design and create curriculum for science education with three things in mind:

students’ multiple learning styles

high-quality resources that meet needs of science standards and expectations

saving teachers time so they can get back to doing what they do best – TEACH!

“I was a new teacher that got hired about 10 days before the school year started! If it wasn’t for this packet, I don’t know how many hours I would have spent at school trying to put stuff together. I would recommend every teacher, no matter how many resources you have to take a look. Well worth every penny!!!! My superintendent loved what I was doing in class and asked me to present to other teachers. I made sure to show the packet that I bought from here. Thank you so much!”