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Nitty Gritty Science Photo Contest!

Contest: You’ve told me how Nitty Gritty Science has helped you and your students…now you have a chance to SHOW ...
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Implementing the Nitty Gritty Science Curriculum ~ 5E Model

Why Planning is So Important Planning is one of the most important functions of teaching.  Whether you’re a new or ...
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The 5E Instructional Model – Why You Should Be Using It in Your Classroom

If you haven’t already figured it out, I am a HUGE enthusiast of the 5E Model when designing my Nitty ...
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Secondary Science Back-to-School Giveaway

Floors are waxed, books are tidy, files are organized…yep, it’s the start of another school year!  There’s so much to ...
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Interactive Notebook Hacks Part 1: Keeping INB’s Neat and Organized

Check out my latest video on helping students keep their Interactive Notebooks neat and organized for the ENTIRE YEAR!  This ...
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Using Word Walls in Science

Making Vocab Connections   Word walls used to be a term heard only in elementary schools.  Nowadays it is more ...
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Taking Nitty Gritty Science to Nashville!

When you think of Nashville, you probably picture country music, honky tonks teachers! Wait, what??  Well that's exactly what ...
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Making Editable Notes Work for You and Your Students

Taking notes in science class is essential for students to get the needed information of the topic being studied.  However, ...
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Keys to a Successful Science Interactive Notebook

Science Interactive Notebooks are the cornerstone of my science curriculum and continue to be because of these Keys to a ...
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Plate Tectonics and Sea Floor Spreading for Science Interactive Notebooks

Teaching the concept of sea-floor spreading can be easily modeled using my simple, yet powerful interactive resource for science interactive ...
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Interactive 3D Topographic Map YOU CAN BUILD!

Are you ready to have your students FLIP OUT over topographic maps??  Well, with the help of the researchers at ...
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Science Interactive Notebook Learning Series: Using Visuals and Graphics to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Studies have revealed that when teachers are selecting instructional materials for their classrooms, visuals and graphics need to be considered, ...
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