Welcome to Nitty Gritty Science Academy 

A place for you to experience teacher workshops, professional development and engaging courses on your own time along with other educators just like you. Whether you’re a new teacher, a home school educator, or a veteran teacher looking to shake things up, there’s something here for you.

This series of courses is designed to provide an understanding of the methods and rationale for teaching science at the secondary level. The courses will highlight research-based strategies, techniques, and skills that the participants will be able to implement in their science classes successfully.

Participants will also engage in an ongoing collaboration with the instructor and other school professionals in a private Facebook group. Not only will this serve as a place for positive and professional growth, but participants will also be able to get feedback as they adapt their instruction to meet the needs of each of their learners.

Course 1: Planning to Teach Science

This course outlines how to write teacher plans for effective instruction that will support all students in achieving the learning outcome. The focus will be on knowledge of the topic, choosing instructional strategies, and using a variety of learning techniques. Planning will also take into account the teaching skills needed for smooth transitions, classroom management, and accommodations for students in need.

Course 2: Management and Organization

This course will present relevant research and practices that support effective teaching and classroom management.  Participants will learn a variety of skills associated with successful learning. Patterns of organization and behavior will also be shared to help increase time students are actively engaged in science learning.

Course 3: Teaching Skills

This course will teach the effective use of specific actions that teachers use to conduct lessons and implement instructional strategies.  Participants will learn how to develop these skills, learn the pitfalls of execution, and how to avoid them.

Course 4: Instructional Strategies – Demos, Labs, and Science Stations

Science units are generally planned around a phenomenon, and it’s how we present the information which leads to student mastery of a topic.  This course will review how to promote student interest using demonstrations, laboratory experiences, and science stations. These instructional strategies will off hands-on experiences that will allow students to develop abstract ideas, use critical thinking, and comprehend the science concepts.

Course 5: Learning Techniques – Implementing Science Interactive Notebooks

This course specifically focuses on using the Science Interactive Notebook as a powerful learning tool.  For students to learn for understanding, they must use a variety of learning techniques to organize and reinforce the knowledge they are constructing.  While it may cover all, Science Interactive Notebooks successfully use several techniques, and this course demonstrates how.

“This seller’s interactive notebooks are the BEST! Outstanding product that presented complex concepts in an extremely understandable format for my 11 year old! So much fun and the activities really help my daughter retain the information.”

Nicole K. (Homeschool) 
Nicole K. (Homeschool)