It’s that time of year again where TpT sellers get together for the annual Day of Giving Back, and it’s promising to be the biggest one yet!  For the past three years, TpT sellers have come together on the Day of Giving Back to give a percentage of their sales to a charity of their choice.  Last year over 120 sellers participated, which means there was lots of love being spread around!day-of-giving-back

Celebrations for my family this year include my oldest daughter, who needs to take an immunosuppressant, has not had to make one trip to the Emergency Room this year.  This is huge for us, since every year before this, she always picks up some virus or bug that she has difficulty fighting, and we usually find ourselves for days in the hospital needing extra support.   I believe a part of this health(ier) year is because she’s growing and her immune system is getting stronger, but it’s also largely due to the great medical team that follows her and takes wonderful care of her at Children’s National Health Centers.  So many doctors and nurses have taken extra steps to ensure my daughter, Ava, has a plan in place and support us whenever we need it.

This year my family will be giving back to the Children’s National Medical Centers in which I will donate 100% OF MY SALES on December 11, 2016, from my Nitty Gritty Science store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

This holiday season if you have some items on your TpT wish list, know that by purchasing them on December 11, 2016, you will not only be getting a fantastic lesson plan, but you will also be helping children in a most fantastic and warming way!


Look for this logo border on TpT store pages to see which TpT sellers are participating in this year’s Day of Giving Back, or check out the Link-up below. 

**TpT SELLERS – please use this Dropbox link to download the logo border to use on December 11, 2016.

Click LOGO below to head over to TpT and help give back!


Happy Holidays,