Using Science Interactive Notebooks in the classroom is a creative and engaging tool for your students to process and understand information given by the teacher.  Unfortunately, I have seen one too many peers be defeated by one thing or another and usually give up on the Interactive Notebook by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

 A few reasons why Interactive Notebooks fail: 1. Lack of organization (not everyone is on same page number, running out of supplies, etc.); 2. Realizing that coming up with Student Output side activities takes time…and we all know that is something that teachers rarely have enough of; and 3. Student Output side activities stop asking students to be creative, so students lose interest and pride in their notebook and it just becomes another piece of school material that gets thrown in their backpack or on their bedroom floor.

Hopefully this new blog will help with all three issues so your Science Interactive Notebook endeavor does not become another statistic.  
A good place to start would be to check out my free Intro to Science Interactive Notebooks to help you with materials and getting started then come on back and check out what other tips and strategies are being used.