Throughout the year, the team at Nitty Gritty Science is continuously curating THE best science educational resources for you to use at home or in the classroom.  When the holidays roll around, we enjoy focusing the same enthusiasm on science-themed holiday gifts. We put all our energy and holiday magic into helping you find the perfect gift for your quirky, eccentric, fancy, fun, and even practical (if they even really exist) science lover in your life!

This year, we felt it was super important to feature and support our favorite small businesses (in no particular order) to support them and show off their fantastic creativeness.  So, grab your list of friends and family and get ready to shop small using this year’s Nitty Gritty Science Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – Science Lover’s Edition!


For the foodie in your life, these science-inspired cookie cutters by Bakerlogy are sure to boost the serotonin of any recipient!  These dishwasher safe, plastic, white cookie cutters are suitable for cookie dough, fondant, craft clay, and biscuit dough.  Click image below to shop and use the coupon code: SCIENCELOVER to receive 10% off your purchase (valid until December 31, 2020).shop small


Svaha is a unique line of apparel created to unapologetically celebrate femininity and the awesomeness of women in STEAM! Their brand and product line confronts gender stereotypes and empowers people to embrace their passions. Svaha apparel features bright, bold designs with STEAM-themes and non-traditional colors. Made from 100% organic, super-soft cotton the apparel feels as good as it looks, and most come with functional pockets!  Make sure to use coupon code: NGS20 to receive 20% off their sale-eligible collection through December 31, 2020.  Have a strong female trend-setter that needs the perfect gift?  Click image below to shop now!


Prints Find 

Violeta, a Bulgarian artist loves experimenting with new ideas and also combining art with scientific knowledge especially in the field of Anatomy and Biology. Her grandmother’s textbooks and encyclopedias inspired her to create accurate, yet artistic images of different organs and other scientific elements. These will brighten up the classroom, office, or lab of your favorite science professional!  Use code: PSSC35 to receive a 35% discount on prints through December 31, 2020!  Ready to brighten up your space with a little science?  Click image below to shop!

Mirus Toys

The owner, Suba, creates exquisite toys that combine science and art. MirusToys are inspired by nature and nurtures the natural curiosity of the child.  Her toys are meticulously designed and crafted with attention to detail, toys that can be passed on to generations.  The perpetual calendar below is one of my favorite pieces and is so well made it will last generations of scientists in the family!  Click image below to shop for a gift that can be enjoyed year round and make sure to use coupon code NGS2020MT to save 10% now until December 31, 2020!

holiday gift guide shop small science lovers edition

Cognitive Surplus

Cognitive Surplus helps you raise a glass to science! Whether you’re sipping a soft drink or cocktail, enhance the experience with a unique drinking glass. Find wine glasses, tumblers, double old-fashioned glasses, beer glasses, and more.  However, Cognitive Surplus doesn’t just do glasses.  They also create stationery and lifestyle goods to celebrate science and inspire discovery, made with respect for the sustainability of our planet.  Click image below to give a toast to this amazing shop!  During their NEWTON sale starting November 22, 2020, if you buy one item, you can get a second same item for FREE!

holiday gift guide science lovers edition

We The Sciencey 

If you’re looking for something totally unique, check out artist Tesla Mir’s shop, We The Sciencey, where nearly everything is designed in-house with a love of good design & a minimal aesthetic. Pick up a Martian Meteorite Fragment Time Capsule Keychain or perhaps some periodic table-inspired washi tape.  Whatever you decide, your science geek won’t have another like it!  Use coupon code GRITTYSCI20 for 20% off orders of $50+ until December 31, 2020!  Ready to shop?  Click the image below!

holiday gift guide science lover's edition shop small business


Shop owner, Chris Taylor, creates intricate and accurate wearable sculptures so any scientist can smartly display their field.  The images below are just a sample of these trendy pieces, such as the Allosaurus Skull Pendant with built-in magnifier for the fashionable field paleontologist.  Or maybe you have a bonanist in your life – then the chloroplast pendent with thylakoids stacked into grana, inner and outer membranes is the perfect piece!  My personal favorite, is the tardigrade, because who wouldn’t love a water bear hug!  Make sure to click image below to check out this shop – you will not be disappointed!

holiday gift guide science lovers edition shop small saturday


Rachel Ignotofsky is a New York Times Best Selling author and illustrator, based in beautiful Los Angeles.    Check out her books The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth Women In Science, Women in Art and Women In Sports.  Rachel’s work is inspired by history and science. She believes that an illustration is a powerful tool that can make learning exciting.  She has a passion for taking dense information and making it fun and accessible. Rachel hopes to use her work to spread her message about scientific literacy and feminism.  If you like what you see and know someone else who would too, please visit her shop.

holiday guide shop small saturday science lovers edition



Have a biology teacher or pre-med student you’re shopping for?  They will NOT be disappointed when they receive one of these extraordinary pieces by shop owner, Emily, of aKNITomy.  The knitted dissections either come complete for framing, or you can purchase the kit, for the science crafter in your life!  No matter what, you know that this piece will be the center of discussion in any office, classroom, or lab!  Click image below to check out this fantastic shop!  Use coupon code AKNITOMY25 to save 25% off your order!

holiday gift guide shop small saturday science lovers edition


Genius Lab Gear

Genius Lab Gear creates science-themed items that are designed to make life easier or more enjoyable for students, professionals, or researchers in STEM. They are also great for  younger students interested in the STEM fields!  Grab stocking stuffers, for the scientist in your life, like stickers or pocket cards as a daily motivation in their search for knowledge.  Or, step it up a notch, and bring their office, lab, or classroom to an entirely new level with elegant canvas prints that any science aficionado would appreciate!  Use code NGSROCKS for 15% off Science Word Magnets, Science Stickers and Pocket Cards!  Click image below to check out their shop!

holiday gift guide shop small business science lovers edition

Mineral Insomniac

Carl, geologist and owner of Mineral Insomniac sells quality mineral specimens.  Whether you’re just looking for a dramatic piece for your science enthusiast, or need the perfect gift for your full-fledge rockhound, you’ll find them here among his exquisite and rare pieces. Check out the periodic table of elements cube collection, or perhaps his more rare pieces, such as the Chalcopyrite Ball Cluster.  Click the image below to find the perfect piece!

holiday gift guide science lovers edition shop small business

Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for supporting small businesses!!

Happy Holidays,


Please note: Nitty Gritty Science is not affiliated with any of the shops mentioned above so there are no affiliate links – we just wanted to spread the awesomeness these shops have to offer!