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Nitty Gritty Science Mission

Allowing science teachers to do what they do best – TEACH – by creating engaging and STEAM-based curriculum to meet the multiple learning styles of all students.

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Flexible Learning

Curriculum can be tailored to any learning environment whether in-person, virtual, hybrid, or flipped.   

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Focus on STEM and Scientific Literacy

Not only does Nitty Gritty Science cover all aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math through phenomena-based curriculum, but we’re equally focused on creating science-literate citizens who can determine answers to questions that they themselves are curious about.

About Nitty Gritty Science

“This is a truly comprehensive and impressive resource. Thank you for your time and the energy you put into creating something so huge! Wow!”

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“This seller’s interactive notebooks are the BEST! Outstanding product that presented complex concepts in an extremely understandable format for my 11 year old! So much fun and the activities really help my daughter retain the information.”

Nicole K. (Homeschool) 
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“I was a new teacher that got hired about 10 days before the school year started! If it wasn’t for this packet, I don’t know how many hours I would have spent at school trying to put stuff together. I would recommend every teacher, no matter how many resources you have to take a look. Well worth every penny!!!! My superintendent loved what I was doing in class and asked me to present to other teachers. I made sure to show the packet that I bought from here. Thank you so much!”

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