Life Science Curriculum

Allowing science teachers to do what they do best – TEACH – by creating engaging and STEM-based curriculum to meet the multiple learning styles of all students.

Curriculum Features

Interactive Notebook

Science Interactive Notebooks are a great tool to use in the science classroom at any level.  Not only do interactive notebooks help with students’ organization, but they are also a creative way to engage students to process information and demonstrate critical thinking.  

Digital Interactive Notebook

The Digital Life Science Interactive Notebook mirrors the Nitty Gritty Science traditional science interactive notebooks with varied activities to meet the multiple learning styles of all your students.  This resource is designed so students can work independently, having built-in instructional videos (closed-captioning available), resources for exploring further, and clear directions.

Editable Resources

Editable resources include PowerPoints and guided notes that provide definitions, explanations, and information through mini-lecture, text, internet, and other resources and encourages students to explain concepts and definitions in their own words.  All chapter tests are editable and come with an answer key.

Demos, Labs and Science Stations

Teacher demos hook students and start them wondering about the concept.  Students work through labs and science stations as real scientists as they investigate problems, events, or situations. As a result of their mental and physical involvement in these activities, students question events, observe patterns, identify and test variables, and communicate results.

Study Guide

The Study Guides are essential to highlighting important information and improving comprehension. They include a variety of review strategies and meet the needs of your learners for independent study and indirect instruction.  Students can use them to strengthen their content mastery by using as a chapter review or one-on-one/group support.

Task Cards

Task cards are a great tool for concept review that can be used in a variety of ways – pairs, small groups, team games, tutoring…the possibilities are endless! The reason they are so effective is there is only ONE task per card, allowing students to focus on that single task until they have successfully completed it.

Phenomena Middle School

The Phenomena resource is a collection of videos and images designed to give teachers quick and easy access to an observable event, or phenomena. Phenomena adds relevance to the science classroom showing students science in their own world. 

Join the tens of thousands of schools using Nitty Gritty Science Curriculum today!

Units Covered in the Life Science Curriculum:

Join the tens of thousands of schools using Nitty Gritty Science Curriculum today!

Curriculum that Engages and is Research-based

The Life Science Curriculum from Nitty Gritty Science is a 6-8 grade curriculum based on the 5E Model. With its focus on hands-on investigations, phenomena-based learning, and science inquiry skills, students successfully master concepts.

Rodger W. Bybee and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) team developed the 5E Instructional Model with the goal of this research-based instructional model to challenge students’ ideas on a science subject to master a concept. The 5E Model includes:

  • Engagement – students’ prior knowledge accessed, and interest engaged in the phenomenon
  • Exploration – students participate in an activity that facilitates conceptual change
  • Explanation – students generate an explanation of the phenomenon
  • Elaboration – students’ understanding of the phenomenon challenged and deepened through new experiences
  • Evaluation – students assess their understanding of the phenomenon

Click here to see how the 5E Model is utilized in each Life Science Unit.

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Nicole K. (Homeschool)

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