Task cards are back and this time for LIFE SCIENCE!  Task cards are a great tool for concept review that can be used in a variety of ways – pairs, small groups, team games, individual review, tutoring or for early finishers.  The reason they are so effective is there is only ONE task per card, allowing students to focus on that single task until they have successfully completed it.

For effective and immediate use – copy, cut-out and laminate your task card set and store in either sandwich baggies or envelopes or punch a hole in the corner and put each set on a ring (as shown).  By doing this, cards stay organized, students have immediate access and you can use them again and again each year!

I’m hoping to stay ahead of you all and am trying to finish the last 10 chapters – creating and posting one a day.  Therefore one set of task cards a day + life getting in the way = 2 weeks until all chapters are done!