Change Over Time & Classification


Change Over Time & Classification include the following main concepts:

• Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
• Evolution of Populations
• The Fossil Record
• Classification
• Domains and Kingdoms

Each concept shares:

• Actual photos of both the INPUT and OUTPUT pages of Science Interactive Notebook
• Detailed instructions on how to create/use/complete activity for OUTPUT side
• Mini-Quizzes for each concept to check students’ understanding
• Answer Keys for all mini-quizzes
• Appendix with Teacher Notes for Interactive Notebook in LARGE print.

Activities included correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards and include the following:

• If Darwin had Twitter, what would he have tweeted about while on his adventures aboard the HMS Beagle?
• Evolution of Populations – students will sequence the events of speciation: ecological competition, reproductive isolation, changes in gene pool, separation of populations and continued evolution
• Students will use their paleontologist skills to put together a dinosaur skeleton using “fossils” found on a dig site
• Using a dichotomous key, students will be able to identify butterflies by their genus and species (binomial nomenclature) and will also understand the classification system of domain, kingdoms, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species
• Organisms will be placed into domains – bacteria, archaea, and eukarya; as well as kingdoms: eubacteria, archaebacterial, protista, fungi, plantae, and animalia based on their cell type, ability to make food and number of body cells

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