Chemical Bonds and Equations: PS Notes, PowerPoint & Test ~ EDITABLE


The EDITABLE NOTES in this download are the SAME VERSION featured in my Physical Science Interactive Notebook –Chemical Bonds and Equations

The EDITABLE POWERPOINT features slides rich in content and allow for you to add or delete information and pictures.

The EDITABLE TEST features a variety of questions in the form of multiple choice, sentence completion, diagram interpretation and essays.

Chemical Bonds and Equations includes the following concepts:

• Types of Chemical Bonds
• Writing Formulas and Naming Compoiunds
• Chemical Reactions
• Balancing Chemical Equations
• Chemical Rxns – Types, Rates and Energy

Students will be able to:
• Explain the different components of a chemical equation
• Describe ionic bonds and covalent bonds
• Explain how to determine oxidation numbers
• Write formulas and names for ionic and covalent compounds
• Balance chemical equations
• Identify the reactants and products in a chemical reaction
• Identify the four different types of chemical reactions – synthesis, decomposition, single displacement, double displacement
• Compare and contrast exergonic and endergonic reactions
• Determine how a chemical reaction satisfies the law of conservation of mass


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