This Earth Science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards and uses the 5E Model for implementation.

The following is included in this bundle:

EARTH SCIENCE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK BUNDLE lessons are aligned to the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS (NGSS - see below) and will be sure to increase your students' engagement in note taking and processing. Each chapter includes notes, activities with actual pictures and mini-quizzes to help check for understanding.

EARTH SCIENCE DIGITAL INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK BUNDLE (added July 2021) is designed to help teachers and learners in online settings have resources that set students up for success in mastering science concepts. This product mirrors the Nitty Gritty Science traditional science interactive notebooks with an input right-hand side for notes and an output left-hand side activity so students can apply what they learned immediately. Left-hand side activities are varied to meet the multiple learning styles of all your students. This resource is designed so students can work independently, having built-in instructional videos (closed-captioning available), resources for exploring further, and clear directions.

EARTH SCIENCE DEMOS, LABS & SCIENCE STATIONS BUNDLE includes teacher-led demos, guided inquiry labs, station signage, inquiry process skills checklist, teacher guides and of course 7 Lab Stations for each topic:

• Information Station
• Observation Station
• Calculation Station
• Investigation Station
• Communication Station
• Creation Station
• Imagination Station

EARTH SCIENCE TASK CARD BUNDLE is a perfect review tool which allows students to focus on individual science questions rather than be overwhelmed by a traditional review packet.



• The EDITABLE POWERPOINTS feature slides rich in content and allow for you to add or delete information and pictures.

• The EDITABLE TESTS feature a variety of questions in the form of multiple choice, sentence completion, diagram interpretation and essays.

EARTH SCIENCE STUDY GUIDE BUNDLE designed for students to strengthen their content mastery by using as a chapter review or one-on-one/group support. All study guides are directly aligned to the notes and assessments offered by Nitty Gritty Science.

EARTH SCIENCE WORD WALL BUNDLE which includes 340+ vocab terms for a visual word wall.

The following Earth Science Units are covered:

Unit 1: Nature of Science
Unit 2: Intro to Earth Science
Unit 3: Mapping Earth's Surface
Unit 4: Rocks and Minerals
Unit 5: Plate Tectonics
Unit 6: Forces that Shape the Earth
Unit 7: Earth’s Changing Surface
Unit 8: A Trip Through Earth’s History
Unit 9: Earth’s Waters
Unit 10: Earth’s Atmosphere
Unit 11: Weather and Climate
Unit 12: Astronomy and Space Science
Unit 13: Natural Resources

Nitty Gritty Science curriculum is based on the 5 E MODEL and uses the included resources as follows:


TEACHER-LED DEMO that promotes inquiry, illuminates key concepts and, most importantly, leads to heightened curiosity.


GUIDED INQUIRY LAB that uses processes that are referred to as inquiry process skills which include observing, predicting, classifying, measuring, inferring, controlling variables, manipulating materials, interpreting data and experimenting.
SCIENCE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS use creative activities to motivate students to process information and demonstrate critical thinking.


EDITABLE NOTES AND POWERPOINTS prepared by Nitty Gritty Science save you time and help you with presenting a successful lecture. The notes serve to guide students through the teacher’s presentation and are editable so you, as the teacher, can adjust the information you want the students to fill in. The editable PowerPointhelps the teacher present the content in an orderly fashion using visual aids to enhance the presentation.


SCIENCE STATIONS provide an engaging way for students to extend their knowledge and skills by working independently of the teacher in small groups or pairs.
TASK CARDS are a collection of review cards to be used for review, such as game-style review, group review, one-on-one tutoring, bell ringers, exit slips, the list goes on.


CHAPTER TESTS prepared by Nitty Gritty Science use a variety of item formats that help assess different levels of student thinking and skills. The items used in the tests include multiple-choice, completion, interpreting diagrams and essays. However, if more would like to be added, all tests are editable.


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