Earth Science Interactive Notebook: The Complete Bundle for an Entire Year


Use The Complete Earth Science Interactive Notebook as your secret weapon to supplement your science curriculum and show parents and administration that you CAN do it all now and use what precious time you have to do what you do best – TEACH!

I created this product so that it’s COMPLETE - all chapters have been created with you in mind so you won’t have to do anything except photocopy the lesson, supply paper, glue and scissors. For many of the concepts, I’ve even supplied you with printables, examples and cut-outs for your master notebook. Did I mention that this is for the ENTIRE YEAR!!

Bought separately, this entire bundle would cost you over $80, but you're getting it for 20% off the original price PLUS I'm throwing in the Nature of Science chapter for FREE!

The Complete Earth Science Interactive Notebook includes the following chapters along with alignment to NGSS:

Chapter One: Nature of Science
• Section 1: The Method of Science
• Section 2: Standards of Measurement
• Section 3: Graphing

Chapter Two: Intro to Earth Science
• Section 1: The Study of Earth Science
• Section 2: Science Lab Safety
• Section 3: Methods of Science

Chapter Three Mapping Earth’s Surface
• Section 1: Exploring Earth’s Surface
• Section 2: Models of Earth
• Section 3: Maps & Computers

Chapter Four: Rocks and Minerals
• Section 1: Properties of Minerals ESS2-1A
• Section 2: Mineral Formation and Resources ESS2-1A; ESS2-2A
• Section 3: Classifying Rocks ESS2-1A; ESS2-2A
• Section 4: Rock Groups ESS2-1A

Chapter Five: Plate Tectonics
• Section 1: Earth’s Interior ESS2-3
• Section 2: Convection and the Mantle ESS2-2
• Section 3: Continental Drift & Seafloor Spreading ESS1-1C; ESS2-3
• Section 4: Theory of Plate Tectonics ESS2-3B

Chapter Six: Forces that Shape the Earth
• Section 1: Forces that Shape Earth ESS2-2A; ESS3-2B
• Section 2: Earthquakes ESS2-2A; ESS3-2B
• Section 3: Volcanoes ESS2-2A; ESS3-2B
• Section 4: Volcanic Landforms ESS2-2A

Chapter Seven: Earth’s Changing Surface
• Section 1: Weathering ESS2-1A
• Section 2: Soil Formation ESS2-1A
• Section 3: Erosion & Deposition: Wind and Water ESS2-2C
• Section 4: Erosion & Deposition: Glaciers ESS2-2C

Chapter Eight: A Trip Through Earth’s History
• Section 1: Fossils ESS1-4C; ESS2-3B
• Section 2: Determining Age of Rocks ESS1-4C; ESS2-3B
• Section 3: Geological Time Scale ESS1-4
• Section 4: Earth’s Eras ESS1-4

Chapter Nine: Earth’s Waters
• Section 1: Earth – The Water Planet ESS2-4C
• Section 2: Fresh Water ESS2-2C
• Section 3: Characteristics & Composition of Ocean ESS2-6C
• Section 4: Ocean Waves and Tides ESS2-4C
• Section 5: Ocean Currents and Climates ESS2-6D

Chapter Ten: Earth’s Atmosphere
• Section 1: The Atmosphere ESS2-2A
• Section 2: Atmosphere Energy Transfer ESS2-6D
• Section 3: Wind and Water ESS2-4C
• Section 4: Air Quality ESS3-5D

Chapter Eleven: Weather and Climate
• Section 1: Weather Patterns ESS2-5C
• Section 2: Weather Forecasts ESS2-5D
• Section 3: Climates of Earth ESS2-5D
• Section 4: Climate Cycles ESS2-6D
• Section 5: Recent Climate Change ESS3-5D

Chapter Twelve: Astronomy and Space Science
• Section 1: Earth’s Motion ESS1-1A
• Section 2: The Moon – Earth’s Satellite ESS1-1A
• Section 3: Solar System ESS1-2C
• Section 4: The Planets ESS1-3B
• Section 5: Stars and Galaxies ESS1-2
• Section 6: Space Exploration N/A

Chapter Thirteen: Natural Resources
• Section 1: Energy & Mineral Resources ESS3-1A

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