Genetics: The Science of Heredity


Genetics: The Science of Heredity Life Science Interactive Notebook includes the following main concepts:

• The Work of Gregor Mendel
• Mendel’s Laws of Heredity
• Punnett Squares
• Meiosis

Students will be able to:

• Explain how scientists use the principles of probability
• Construct and understand Punnett squares
• Describe the principle of independent assortment
• Identify and explain steps of meiosis
• Differentiate meiosis from mitosis
• Describe the work of Gregor Mendel the Father of Genetics and his use of pea plants in genetics

Each concept shares:

• Actual photos of both the INPUT and OUTPUT pages of Science Interactive Notebook
• Detailed instructions on how to create/use/complete activity for OUTPUT side
• Mini-Quizzes for each concept to check students’ understanding
• Answer Keys for all mini-quizzes
• Appendix with Teacher Notes for Interactive Notebook in LARGE print.

Activities included correlate with the Next Generation Science Standards and include the following:

• Gregor Mendel Facebook page – status update
• Drawing of a “Dohickey Bug” that comes from alleles that produce genes for eight different traits. Students will need to identify genotype and phenotype which help them learn Law of Segregation and Law of Independent Assortment
• Punnett square practice – homozygous and heterozygous alleles are defined along with genotype and phenotype
• Meiosis is compared to mitosis where students need to understand the following terms: gamete, body cell, diploid, haploid and chromosomes

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