Interactive Chemical Reaction Display Pieces for Instruction


When students start learning about chemical changes, it will be important for them to not only be able to identify the reactants and products of the chemical reaction, but to also express what’s occurring in the chemical changes using equations.

This interactive 30-piece display is perfect for visual learners to apply what they know about chemical equations through symbols, labels, and descriptions. Use them on magnetic whiteboards, bulletin boards, small lab groups, or even outside!

Practice with any chemical reactions found in the Nitty Gritty Science Chemical Bonds and Equations Interactive Notebook, or with any chemical equation found in textbooks, test banks, or practice problems.

This activity supports the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and includes the following:

Student Reference Sheet

Variations on How to Use Interactive Pieces

Parts of a Chemical Equation

  • products
  • reactants
  • yields/produces
  • plus
  • (s) solid
  • (l) liquid
  • (g) gas
  • (aq) aqueous
  • coefficient
  • subscript

Classifying Chemical Reactions

  • A, B, C, D (and all combinations – see preview)
  • synthesis
  • decomposition
  • single displacement
  • double displacement

Check out video to learn more:



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