Matter includes the following concepts:

• Composition of Matter
• Types of Mixtures
• Describing Matter
• States of Matter
• Changes in States of Matter
• Fluids: Behaviors of Liquids and Gases

Students will be able to:

• Distinguish between substances and mixtures – homogenous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures
• Identify elements and compounds
• Compare and contrast solutions, colloids, and suspensions
• Compare and contrast physical and chemical properties
• Explain how the law of conservation of mass applies to chemical changes
• Describe the particle movement in the four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma
• Identify and describe properties of fluids: Archimedes’ principle, Pascal’s principle, Bernoulli’s principle, Boyle’s law
• Explain how gas is affected when pressure, temperature or volume is changed

Each concept shares:

• Actual photos of INPUT/OUTPUT pages of Science Interactive Notebook
• Instructions on how to create/use/complete activity for OUTPUT side
• Mini-Quizzes for each concept to check students’ understanding
• Answer Keys for all mini-quizzes

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Total Pages: 34
Answer Key: Included

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