Physical Science Interactive Notebook – The Complete Bundle for an Entire Year


Finally, it’s here – the resource you’ have been searching for!! An ENTIRE YEAR of Physical Science Interactive Notebook activities and resources that are aligned with the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS. When I named this product “The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook”, that’s exactly what I meant – COMPLETE. This product gives you 268 pages of everything you need for you and your students to have a successful year with an Interactive Science Notebook – all you need to supply is the notebook and glue!

NOTE: This product is a compilation of ALL Physical Science Interactive Notebook chapters. This download will save you 20% off the individually listed chapters!! This Complete Notebook is now a part of the Physical Science ULTIMATE BUNDLE which is this product paired with Task cards for EACH chapter which you can find here.


For years I have wanted to create a compilation of all my Physical Science Interactive Notebook ideas and it’s finally here!! Now that it’s here, I have to share it with all of you. I have found for myself, and other teachers as well, that finding creative and engaging activities for the student output side of the notebook, was not only time-consuming, but sometimes difficult, especially for specific concepts. So, I’m giving you back your time and allowing you to focus your energy and creativity elsewhere. I hope you enjoy making The Complete Physical Science Notebook with your students as I have with mine!

Each concept shares:

• Actual photos of both the INPUT and OUTPUT pages of Science Interactive Notebook
• Instructions on how to create/use/complete activity for OUTPUT side
• Mini-Quizzes for each concept to check students’ understanding
• Answer Keys for all mini-quizzes

The following Chapters are included in The Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook:

Chapter One: Nature of Science
• Section 1: The Method of Science
• Section 2: Standards of Measurement
• Section 3: Graphing

Chapter Two: Motion and Forces
• Section 1: Describing Motion
• Section 2: Acceleration
• Section 3: Motion and Forces
• Section 4: Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Section 5: Gravity

Chapter Three: Energy, Work and Simple Machines
• Section 1: Nature of Energy
• Section 2: Conservation of Energy
• Section 3: Work
• Section 4: Using Machines
• Section 5: Simple Machines

Chapter Four: Electricity and Magnetism
• Section 1: Electricity
• Section 2: Electric Current
• Section 3: Electrical Circuits
• Section 4: Magnetism
• Section 5: Magnetism and Electricity

Chapter Five: Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Section 1: Waves
• Section 2: Features of Waves
• Section 3: Behavior of Waves
• Section 4: Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Section 5. Communicating with Radio Waves

Chapter Six: Sound, Light, Mirror and Lenses
• Section 1: Sound
• Section 2: Music and Uses of Sound
• Section 3: Reflection and Refraction of Light
• Section 4: Mirrors
• Section 5: Lenses and Optical Instruments

Chapter Seven: Matter
• Section 1: Composition of Matter
• Section 2: Types of Mixtures
• Section 3: Describing Matter
• Section 4: States of Matter
• Section 5: Changes in States of Matter
• Section 6: Fluids: Behaviors of Liquids and Gases

Chapter Eight: Atoms and the Periodic Table
• Section 1: Atomic Structure
• Section 2: Masses of Atoms
• Section 3: The Periodic Table
• Section 4: Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

Chapter Nine: Chemical Bonds and Equations
• Section 1: Types of Chemical Bonds
• Section 2: Writing Formulas and Naming Compounds
• Section 3: Chemical Reactions
• Section 4: Balancing Chemical Equations
• Section 5: Chemical Rxns – Types, Rates and Energy

Chapter Ten: Solutions, Acids and Bases
• Section 1: Solutions, Solubility and Concentration
• Section 2: Acids, Bases and Salts
• Section 3: Strength of Acids and Bases

Chapter Eleven: Thermal Energy
• Section 1: Temperature and Heat
• Section 2: Transferring Thermal Energy
• Section 3: Using Heat

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Teaching Duration: 1 Year

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