Physical Science Task Card Bundle


The PHYSICAL SCIENCE TASK CARD BUNDLE is a perfect complement to my Physical Science Interactive Notebook – The COMPLETE Bundle for the ENTIRE YEAR and offers you 400+ Task Cards.


THIS DISCOUNTED BUNDLE will save you 20% versus if you were to purchase the sets individually.


Students love using task cards to review, teachers love how using task cards as a review tool allows students to focus on individual science questions rather than be overwhelmed by a traditional review packet.

Topics covered in this bundle include:

• Nature of Science (32 cards)
• Motion and Forces (40 cards)
• Energy, Work and Simple Machines (40 cards)
• Electricity and Magnetism (40 cards)
• Waves and Electromagnetic Spectrum (40 cards)
• Sound, Light, Mirror and Lenses (40 cards)
• Matter (40 cards)
• Atoms and the Periodic Table (40 cards)
• Chemical Bonds and Equations (40 cards)
• Solutions, Acids and Bases (32 cards)
• Thermal Energy (32 cards)

Each set is saved as a separate pdf file for easier access. This bundle can be used to provide review for all your diverse students' needs at the same time reducing worksheets and saving you time standing in line at the copier!! If you have never used task cards before, they are a fantastic resource that can be used for:

• Group review
• Individual practice
• Early finishers
• Pre-lab discussion
• Game-style review games
• the possibilities are endless...

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Total Pages: 600 Task Cards
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 1 Year

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