Sound, Light, Mirror and Lenses


Waves include the following concepts:

• The Nature of Sound
• Music and Uses of Sound
• Reflection and Refraction of Light
• Mirrors
• Lenses and Optical Instruments

Students will be able to:

• Explain how sound travels through different mediums
• Identify what influences the speed of sound
• Describe how the ear enables you to hear – inner ear, middle ear, outer ear
• Describe the Doppler effect
• Describe why different instruments have different sound qualities
• Discuss the uses of sonar
• Explain how ultrasound is useful in medicine
• Explain frequency and pitch
• Describe how light waves interact with matter
• Explain how a person sees color
• Differentiate between refraction of light and reflection of light
• Explain why a prism separates white light into color
• Describe how an image is formed in three types of mirrors: plane, concave, convex
• Distinguish between real and virtual images
• Describe shapes of convex and concave lenses and what images they form
• Describe uses of optical instruments: telescope, microscope, camera

Each concept shares:

• Actual photos of INPUT/OUTPUT pages of Science Interactive Notebook
• Instructions on how to create/use/complete activity for OUTPUT side
• Mini-Quizzes for each concept to check students’ understanding
• Answer Keys for all mini-quizzes

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Total Pages: 28
Answer Key: Included

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