Purchase Order

Directions for Schools or Districts using a Purchase Order

If Nitty Gritty Science, LLC needs to become an approved vendor, please download the following:

Email approved purchase order to admin@nittygrittyscience.com with the following information:

  • Name of School
  • Address of school/district
  • Name and contact information of Purchasing employee
  • Products requested
  • Email address of person in charge of accounts payable
  • Email address of teacher(s) who will be receiving the product
  • # of teachers who will need a license*

Once I have received the approved purchase order I will email an invoice along with directions on how to download the product for each teacher.

Schools or districts can send a check payable to the following address:

  • Nitty Gritty Science, LLC
    attn: Erica L Colón
    516 East Jefferson Ave
    PO Box 1249
    Whitney, TX 76692

* Note: Please see the following

  • Each license is good for one teacher and CANNOT be transferred to another teacher at any time.
  • 10% discount on additional licenses after the first license
  • Bulk discounts available for 10+ licenses. Email admin@nittygrittyscience.com for a quote.

“This seller’s interactive notebooks are the BEST! Outstanding product that presented complex concepts in an extremely understandable format for my 11 year old! So much fun and the activities really help my daughter retain the information.”

Nicole K. (Homeschool) 
Nicole K. (Homeschool)