Section 2: Lab Safety

Conducting research and doing experiments in a lab setting can be a lot of fun. However, scientists make sure to follow a set of lab procedures to ensure their safety and prevent accidents from occurring.

Lab safety rules:

  • Follow all instructions given by a teacher
  • Protect eyes, face, hands, and body by wearing proper clothing and equipment including goggles, aprons, and gloves
  • Never work in the lab alone
  • Never eat or drink in the lab
  • Never engage in horseplay in the lab
  • Notify the teacher immediately if there’s an emergency
  • Handle living organisms carefully and with respect
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Properly dispose of lab waste according to teacher’s instructions
  • Know the location of first aid equipment in the lab
  • Clean your area and wash hands when finished with the lab

Lab safety symbols:

1. Why is important to follow rules in the lab?

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