Section 2: Lab Safety

Scientists often work in a laboratory to carry out experiments and collect data.  A lab may involve flammable chemicals, sharp instruments, or breakable glassware.  A set of procedures is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone.

Safety guidelines that should always be followed when in the lab are as follows:

  1. Act responsibly at all times in the laboratory.
  2. Follow all instructions given either orally or written.
  3. Perform ONLY those activities assigned and approved by a teacher.
  4. Protect eyes, face, hands, and body by wearing proper clothing and using the protective equipment provided.
  5. Carry out good housekeeping practices as instructed.
  6. Know the location of safety and first aid equipment in the laboratory.
  7. Notify a teacher immediately of an emergency.
  8. NEVER work alone in the laboratory.
  9. NEVER eat or drink in the laboratory unless instructed to do so by a teacher.
  10. Handle living organisms or preserved specimens only when authorized by a teacher, and then always carefully and respectfully.
  11. NEVER enter or work in a supply area unless instructed to do so and supervised by a teacher.

Lab safety symbols:


  1. Why is it important to follow rules in the lab?

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