It’s that time of year when students are scrambling and finding creative ways to beg you for extra credit, administration is on you for end of the year check-out items and you are doing everything in your power to keep your students focused on science rather than their plans for summer break.
Personally, the end of May for my students meant Semester Exams and I found one of the most effective ways to review was to play games…I’m pretty sure that’s the case for ALL grade levels 😉  I think a Jeopardy-style game is always a great way to review content and of course, some ready-made task cards, like the ones here in this bundle are perfect since there is only one question/task per card.

Task cards are meant to be cut out and laminated so they can be used again and again and can easily be stored for easy access.  For the Jeopardy-style game, take each laminated card, along with a point value card (which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the image below) and place them in some type of pocket chart like the one shown here:


Another helpful tip when playing this review game is to invest in some buzzers like the ones shown below – this not only adds more intensity to the game with students ready to hit the buzzer, but I have learned it saves A LOT of headaches that come from students insisting that they were first, or helping with tie breakers, etc.

Happy Reviewing!