Life Science Interactive Notebook – The Complete Bundle for an Entire Year


For me, when I tried to implement an interactive notebook, I just literally ran out of time – mainly because I was either always on the hunt for engaging lessons or trying to create them myself. So now that this product is available, please take advantage of it and use The Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook as your secret weapon to supplement your science curriculum and show parents and administration that you CAN do it all now and use what precious time you have to do what you do best – TEACH!

Using the same model as my Complete Physical Science Interactive Notebook I created this product so that it’s COMPLETE - all chapters have been created with you in mind so you won’t have to do anything except photocopy the lesson, supply paper, glue and scissors. For many of the concepts, I’ve even supplied you with printables, examples and cut-outs for your master notebook. Did I mention that this is for the ENTIRE YEAR!!

Bought separately, this entire bundle would cost you over $80, but you're getting it for 20% off the original price PLUS I'm throwing in the Nature of Science chapter for FREE!

The Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook includes the following concepts:

Nature of Science
• The Method of Science
• Standards of Measurement
• Graphing

Intro to Life Science
• The Science of Biology
• Scientific Research and Tools
• Safety in the Science Laboratory

Principles of Ecology
• Nutrition and Energy
• Energy Flow in Ecosystems
• Cycles in Nature
• Organisms and their Environment
• Ecological Succession
• Biomes

Population Dynamics
• Characteristics of Populations
• Human Population
• Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
• Biodiversity

Cell Structure and Function
• The Discovery of Cells
• The Plasma Membrane
• Eukaryotic Cell Structure
• Prokaryotic Cell Structure
• Cellular Transport

Cell Processes and Energy
• Photosynthesis
• Cellular Respiration
• Cell Cycle
• Mitosis
• DNA Structure and Replication
• Control System of a Cell

Mendel and Heredity
• The Work of Gregor Mendel
• Mendel’s Laws of Heredity
• Punnett Squares
• Meiosis

Modern Genetics
• Complex Patterns of Inheritance
• The Genetic Code
• Human Genetic Disorders
• Advances in Genetics

Changes Over Time and Classification
• Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
• Evolution of Populations
• The Fossil Record
• Classification
• Domains and Kingdoms

The Microbial World
• Prokaryotes
• Viruses
• Protists
• Fungi

• Plant Kingdom
• Plants without Seeds
• Seed Plants
• Flowering Plants
• Roots, Stems and Leaves
• Plant Responses and Growth

Animal Diversity: Invertebrates
• Introduction to Animals
• Animal Behavior
• Sponges, Cnidarians and Worms
• Mollusks, Arthropods and Echinoderm

Animal Diversity: Vertebrates
• Intro to Vertebrates: Fish & Amphibians
• Reptiles and Birds
• Mammals

Human Body – Part I
• The Skin
• Muscular System
• Skeletal System
• Nervous System
• Digestive System

Human Body – Part II
• Respiratory System
• The Excretory System
• The Cardiovascular System
• Blood
• The Endocrine and Reproductive System

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