Physical Science Online Textbook

The Physical Science online/digital textbook is an introduction to physics and chemistry written to support the Nitty Gritty Science Physical Science Curriculum.

Students can access information online, or a pdf can be printed for each section.  This online textbook is in no way intended to be a complete overview of Physics or Chemistry.

The topics covered are grade-appropriate (Grades 6, 7, and 8) and support the Middle School Physical Science Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) along with most state standards.  As this is only one resource, it is always recommended that students also learn how to use other resources to fill in the gaps and provide more context for each subject.

Chapter 1: Nature of Science

Chapter 2: Intro to Physical Science

Chapter 3: Force and Motion

Chapter 4: Energy, Work, & Simple Machines

Chapter 5: Electricity and Magnetism

Chapter 6: Waves & Electromagnetic Spectrum

Chapter 7: Sound, Light, Mirrors, & Lenses

Chapter 8: Matter

Chapter 9: Atoms and the Periodic Table

Chapter 10: Chemical Bonds and Equations

Chapter 11: Solutions, Acids, and Bases

Chapter 12: Thermal Energy